Friday, February 15, 2008

Life as I see it

As I sat outside by the pool earlier, sipping a glass of white and eating a Valentine chocolate (a dark chocolate-covered caramel, no less) I took a moment to reflect. I'd had a pedicure, gotten my roots retouched, had a lovely two mile run and a shower and was lounging in...well, lounging pants and a tank top. I was comfy and content. So I have a birthday in a couple of days? You know what else I have?

A job I love
An amazing, gorgeous husband of 16 1/2 mostly happy years
Two beautiful, healthy kids who are smart and talented
A great relationship with my family
A few wonderful, close friends
A home in one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth (A home that we bought before property values skyrocketed a couple of years ago!)
Both of my parents
Life and health insurance
Relatively good health myself, all things considered
The sweetest pets on earth
The support of those who matter to me

Have I accomplished all of the things I thought I would have at this stage in my life? No. But not many people have.
So, I'm having a birthday. So what. I'm another year older and that's certainly better than the alternative.

Peace, love and happiness, everyone.

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