Thursday, February 7, 2008


I find this place very peaceful. So soothing to say what I want - when I want, to listen to my music, to look at some of my favorite photographs. I like it and I highly recommend it to anyone who ever wanted to keep a diary but didn't.

Partially, I think it's like, you are proud of something and you want the world to know, even if no one else is really out there. Maybe? But not entirely. It's also about fulfilling something in yourself, keeping you in touch with you. Or it can be that way.

Even blogs that are not about the individual - like those that highlight weird signs or the ones that concentrate on strange 'polls' - still they are about the person writing them. Whether they know it or not, their choice of content shares much. It's an interesting phenomenon.

Feeling nostalgic. Birthday coming soon. Even worse, kid's birthdays coming. The one true measure of passing time; the aging of your children. Beautiful and heartbreaking at once.

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