Friday, March 21, 2008

Back to school

Contrary to the obvious lack of new stuff posted, I have been working this week. I call it a "Technique Week", when I'm talking to myself which, sadly, is quite often. The thing is, I get so busy sometimes, making beads to sell or to give as gifts, that I don't always have time to just hang out and work on new ideas or learn interesting techniques that I've seen in the trade.
Sure, every time I'm at the torch, I'm learning, but sometimes there is a specific idea I want to try or a type of bead I want to work the kinks out of and, for that, I have to go back to school.
Also sadly, yesterday I worked all day, right up until an hour before my son's baseball game. I'd been planning to throw some dinner at the kids, jump in the shower and then bolt. My house, dog, children and self were a fairly huge mess after several days of neglect, but I'd intended to remedy that today, if I could just get yesterday over with. As I was debating on how best to proceed, I heard a knock on the door.
It was my mother-in-law.
I'd forgotten she was coming over before the game. I must have looked like a total deer in the headlights when she walked in. I mean, seriously, my house was a mess. I was feeding my kids PB & J for dinner. I had a big coffee stain on my shirt. My dog smelled terrible (in his defense, he has a skin disease).
I was horrified and then tried to make excuses. I could tell by her face that she wasn't buying it.
But you know what really pissed me off? The same thing that always pisses me off. My husband- who could have reminded me about her when he got home and saw the condition of everything. We've been on the outs lately and he's very passive-aggressive. I think he thought it was funny. And he was busy in the shower or whatever and left me to entertain her the entire time. He didn't even see her until about 10 minutes before it was time to leave. I only had time to change my shirt. I didn't get to shower, put on makeup, touch up my toenail polish - nothing! I had to got to the game looking like a total pig.
Whatever. Here's the bead I'm going to list on Etsy in a little while:
Here's another bead I made which is actually quite pretty but I can't get a decent picture of it, so it will probably live in my dresser dish for the rest of it's life. So sad. Such a waste.
Have a better day than I had yesterday!

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