Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You Rock!

First of all, sorry for the long delay in writing. Not that you are out there, waiting by your keyboards, desperate for words from my mundane life. Are you?

Seriously, I've just been busy trying to keep up. I've had a few custom fusing projects to finish up and I found myself with a severe bead defecit, which brings me to the next point of business.
A week or so ago, I put the idea out there that I'd like to to try more of my lampwork on Etsy. I like it over there because of the quality of work and the quality of people who buy and sell there, as well as the immediacy of the sales. Not that there's anything wrong with eBay. I've never had anything but good experiences and the best of customers. But it has changed over time and it's difficult to 'get in' there, to develop a niche.

Well, I did put more up on Etsy and the response was wonderful. So, thanks to all of you out there who supported that decision. You are the best, nicest, and most supportive of people and I hope that we'll all benefit. From here on out, though I'll still list on eBay, I'll continue to add more of my new beads, at lower prices on Etsy.

That said, here's what I have on eBay right now. More hollows, this time with silvered ivory shards.


And here's what I have on Etsy. It's not huge but, in my opinion, it's very beautiful. So nice, in fact, that I've made one for myself, as well. (The one I kept is not as pretty as this one, but that's how it always works. It truly is impossible to replicate a bead.) However, it did turn out to make the most gorgeous necklace! I've worn it 3 times already and had a steady stream of compliments. I think I might start wearing jewelry more often.

So, thanks again, everybody and have a great day.


Anonymous said...

I just purchased several of your beads on Esty, It is funny I went through the whole site and at the end all the beads I selected were yours, guess I really like your work. I love the colors we'll see what they want to be when they get here, I am always surprised at what turns out.

Gift Ideas said...

It sure is a very difficult task to replicate a bead but the uniqueness of each bead is what makes them so special and beautiful too.This one is fantastic in the shade of aqua.

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