Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hey, all.

I changed my music line-up this week. I just love 'In to the Mystic'. It's one of my all time fave songs. I love Mr. Van Morrison, also, but I really like this Wallflowers version very much. Hope you do, too.

First of all, I want to say Happy Birthday to my Grandma and to my little neice, too.
Next, I want to acknowledge that it's also a solemn day, this 11th of September.
Did you all do your moments of silence, your personal reflection?
I hope so. I know I did.
I'll bet you all remember vividly this day 7 years ago.
I'll bet you can remember the strange, otherworldy feel of the silence in the skies above.
No planes overhead.
Virtually no cars on the roads.
The silence.
That strange, held-breath waiting for what might come next.
The shock has faded with time, but when I think back, I can still recall the stunned feeling, the 'is this happening? To US?' feeling of it.
And then the horror as that tower fell. The spontaneous, instant tears of grief for those who were trapped and for their families watching it happen on the television.
Very bad stuff.

But we go on. With our faltering economy, huge national defecit, high crime rate and skyrocketing unemployment, we march on to our own beat.
Because we are America. We are Americans.
God Bless Us.

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