Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's with David Blaine?

Is he starved for attention or what?

Since I have decided to continue lampworking, I treated myself to a big fat order of spendy, gorgeous glass last night. I've been making my 'Painted Lady' beads again and they require lots of color.

I made my first set 3 years ago and, you know what? I still love making them.

Here's a flashback:

Conga ~ My first set. I made these beads back in 2005 and it's still one of my favorites

Watusi ~ This is a set that was very popular with customers

Salsa - this is one of my favorite sets

Fairy Forest - I liked this one because the colors were so soft, a change of pace for me!

I love these beads because they require me to take very basic elements and a handful of color and come up with something new and interesting every time. Very challenging, but fun!

I'm working on some new element for these beads. They've 'inspired' quite a bit of replication, and these were also some of the beads that the infamous Ullja purchased. I don't know if she resold them as her own or used them in jewelry designs, but still....
So, just to keep them fresh I like to add a couple of new things to them from time to time. I'm pretty happy with the new ones. I'll preview them in a few days.


Deb said...

Oh my goodness Laurie - they are absolutely stunning.

Right there alone you a reason to keep on going :o)
Strange as it may seem - someone told only a week or so ago, that when the muse is on vacation - or just plain old inspriation is lacking, or the spirits are falgging a bit - don't go looking in the gallerys on LE & such.

The best thing to do is look through the folders of photo's of your own work & you will be sure to find something to spark the imagination & get the creative juices flowing.

Laurie said...

Thanks, Deb! I think that was really good advice you got!
The sleepy, lazy muse can be stubborn to get up an around sometimes but it's there alright. :)

grandmacarnes said...


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