Saturday, September 27, 2008

In stitches

Yeah, that'd be Connor in stitches, not me. Yesterday, about 3 1/2 minutes before it's time to leave for school - this is the time that I use to get dressed, brush my teeth, inhale cold coffee, wad my hair up into a bun, try to find shoes, make sure backpacks are organized, let the dog out....

I think you get the picture.

Anyway, I hear this huge crash, followed by screaming. I - still in jammies, hair askew and foaming at the mouth with cinnamon toothpaste - blow by the dog who is dancing desperately by the front door. I find Connor, collapsed on his floor, rolling around in agony and sobbing uncontrollably. Nothing seems to have tipped over. The aquarium is still intact. The door is on it's hinges. What's the problem?

Well, apparently he has tripped while putting his pants on, fallen, hit his head on the train table and cut his ear. Remind you of college? Oh, yeah. Good times.

He cut it badly enough that it required 6 stitches to close it back up again. Poor little guy.

Poor little guy that when I looked at what had happened all I could think of was "Pain in my ass! Why is it always on Friday? My work day? My 'busiest day of the week' day?"

I am a horrible mother.

Yet, still I managed to get dressed, brush teeth, yada yada yada and get my daughter to school on time before racing to the pediatrician to have him stitch up the 'bucket handle' (as he referred to my kid's ear). After which, I comforted him with kind words and hugs (Connor, not the doctor), a lego toy which I helped him build and ice cream.

He went on to school (his choice, not mine) and later had the best soccer game of his short career! I videotaped the entire game, provided the team snack for after the game, picked up pizza, wings and a movie and then hosted a sleepover for my daughter and her friends.

I am Super Mom.

Obviously, I did not get any beads made.

I will however, show some pictures from earlier in the week. They'll be listed on eBay later today and tomorrow. As if anybody has the money or the desire to buy beads right now. I can't blame anyone. It's horrible out there. Very scary.

These are fun though. They'll cheer you up.

These beads actually have different donuts. I replaced the orange iced ones with different ones. They looked better. I just didn't have time to take a new picture.

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